Chairman’s Welcome

75th Ann

75th Anniversary 

“About six months ago, I was approached by the parish council chairman and Father George to chair a committee to celebrate St, Nicholas 75th year anniversary. I was thrilled and honored to take this position to be part of this great parish and its history that has been running for seven decades young and still and counting. I immediately went to work to select a group of dedicated church members, and then we immediately went to work.
After countless hours of thoughts and dialogue we decided on having a three-day celebration to honor our parish on October 25th through the 27th. The committee and I are honored to be part of the celebration and we really wanted to emphasize that this event could not have been possible without the dedication and leadership that was set for us years ago. The men and women in the 1930s started St Nicholas Orthodox church on Green St in San Francisco as a way to meet people of a similar background through their faith.
We appreciate their great vision and persistence and we are looking forward to further build on the church through positive energy ,faith, love and dedication. We honor our present for the new ideas and energy Today’s parish has seen many challenges, but with love, understanding, and enthusiasm, we are have overcome any obstacle that was faced. We also look forward to the new challenges we will face, as a test to our great Christian Orthodox faith. The future looks very promising with a continuous influx of newcomers from various parts of the world. The once young boys and girls of this parish have started their own households. There’s no better sight than to see a newly wed couple come to church and a few years later to see them bring their offspring to church to attend Sunday school. It is both the new and old worlds of members of our parish that will help us fulfill the mission that our predecessor started for us.

With this I welcome you to celebrate St. Nicholas, as it celebrates it’s 75th birthday,”

Jeries Azar.
75th Anniversary Committee Chairman