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St. Nicholas  Teen SOYO Day of Service

On Saturday December 7th the Teen SOYO will be meeting at St. Nicholas Church for a SOYO Day of Service. The Teens will participate in activities that focus on beautifying the church. We will help clean areas in the hall, day care, help plant new flowers, sweep outside, organize SOYO & Sunday School storage rooms, and clean the church.

SOYO will also aid in learning to make Holy Bread. The lesson plan will take place in the Hall and allow the Teens to make the bread to be distributed on following Sundays on behalf of their families.

The day will work in 3 workshop groups. Starting with 30 minute sessions cleaning the church, rotating to learn to make bread, then finish off with cleaning the hall, the outside areas, and organize the storage rooms!

See you Saturday December 7th @ 10:00 AM


Teen SOYO is the Society of Youth Organizations ages 13-19 within our church. In Teen SOYO our officers host Bible Studies, Retreats, Outings, and other activities within the church. Teen SOYO is also a chapter of the larger Diocesan SOYO and NAC SOYO which are the Teen SOYO’s of the Diocese of Los Angeles & West, and the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America. 

Through both the NAC Teen SOYO & DLAW (Diocese of Los Angeles & the West) Teen SOYO, our parish’s Teen SOYO is able to participate in large scale retreats like the DLAW Parish Life Conference and the National Archdiocese Convention annually. 

Teens also make a faithful commitment to Camp Three Holy Youths, the St. Nicholas Summer Camp that attracts over 100 campers every June from various different Antiochian Church’s. 

Advisors & Officers

V. Rev. Fr. George Baalbaki is the Spiritual Advisor and Father of the Teen SOYO chapter at St. Nicholas Church. Many of our Bible Studies and Retreats are conducted with his blessing and he plays a vital role in our Teen SOYO.

Claudine Batarse (Director)  is a dedicated member of the St. Nicholas Parish. She is active in all activities of the church such as Sunday School (Christian Education), and Young Adults Ministry. Claudine is one of the Youth Advisors for Teen SOYO, and holds a seat on the Parish Council Board as a representative for Teen SOYO.

Subdeacon Ilyan Baalbaki (Director) is also a dedicated member of the St. Nicholas Parish. He can be seen active in the Alter, Sunday School, Young Adults and so on. Ilyan is also the Youth Advisor and holds a seat on the Parish Council as a Teen SOYO representative.

Shadi Azar- Teen SOYO Advisor

Clemence Batarse- Teen SOYO Advisor

2020 Officers

Abdallah Batarse – President

Basem Hanhan/Nebiyou Elias (Job Share) – Vice President

Nicholas Saba – Treasurer

Sophie Aho – Secretary

Grace Hanhan/ Mia-Mary Hanhan (Job Share) – Social Media Liaison

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